Shapers of Westcliff offer a fantastic array of Specialist Treatments, as well as the most advanced professional skincare brands and techniques, all guaranteed to revitalise your skin, body and mind.

Dermal Fillers & Muscle Relaxation Treatment

Dermal fillers for fine lines and wrinkles using either Restylane, Hydrafill or Collagen – please note a patch test is required for collagen injections.

Muscle relaxation treatment available for frown, forehead & eye areas

The collagen clinic is held approximately every four weeks. 

Prices start from £190.00

V Beauty Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins are extremely common, they are often inherited or caused by pregnancy, being overweight, excessive heat or a knock. V-Beauty takes a different approach called thermocoagulation (often used in surgery) unlike lasers, IPL, LHE or electrolysis V-Beauty can be applied to any skin type or colour with no risk of burns or pigmentation. The V-Beauty system incorporates an advanced technology that allows the instant elimination of these facial thread veins. A high frequency current is sent through a very fine probe to each vein in turn. The heat causes the wall of the vein and the blood within it to break up or coagulate. They immediately disappear and will not come back,  please allow for the healing process (ask your therapist for details)

There is no risk of complications, more than one treatment will be required & further thread veins can develop without a change of routine. 

First session £175.00 Top up Session £75.00

Skin Tag Removal

Remove those irritating skin tags safely and painlessly.


Millia Removal

Extraction of Millia (white spots caused by a build up of sebum and dry skin) normally found on dehydrated skin.