Shapers of Westcliff offer a fantastic array of Specialist Treatments, as well as the most advanced professional skincare brands and techniques, all guaranteed to revitalise your skin, body and mind.

ProBiome Chemical Peel

The only range of peels that regenerates and cares for the skin, a professional line of advanced care chemical peels that accelerates skin regeneration and restores the skin microbiome.

Available in five different skin peels to treat the skin, including a multibiotic complex and skin vitamin booster that rebalances the microbiome and restores the skin after deep exfoliation.


Hydra Soothing Peel - Combination of acids formulated to renew skin sensative to alpha hydroxy acids, giving moisture to the skin. 

Ultra Illuminating Peel - Combination of acids to bring light to the face and revitalise skin colour. High in antioxidants that energise the skin bringing radiance. 

Age Smoothing Peel - Combination of acids formulated to smooth the skin and soften the appearance of the signs of ageing, Renews the skin and neutralises radicals that cause premature ageing. 

Advance Lightening Peel - Combination of acids to soften the appearance of dark spots and unifies the skin tone, Visibly fades and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Pore Polishing Peel - Combination of Acids to refine the appearance of pores and soften the impurities of oily skin with a purifying action that detoxifies the skin.


ProBiome Peel includes a 7 day home care pack, including a skin revitalising booster, multi vitamin revitalising serum, multi restoring complex with hylauronic acid and pre and post biotics to strengthen the skins defence.

Also included is DD cream Age defence SPF50 blue light, giving the skin a healthy appearance whilst protecting it from the sun. 


£119 Includes a 7 day home kit

SkinSmart Diagnosis

The Ultimate Skin Diagnosis Programme to analysis the depth of your wrinkles, the amount of pigmentation in the different layers of the skin, the size of your pores, amount of hydration currently in your skin, amount of Keratin – dead skin and if there is any bacteria present.

This system also logs your progress and shows you the improvements in your skin after each treatment. As well as recommending the correct treatment plan and products for home use to achieve the goals set out for you with your therapist.

The cost of this treatment will be deducted from facials or products purchased at the time of your consultation.


Rejuvapen Treatment

What is Rejuvapen?


Rejuvapen is a type of collagen induction therapy that uses tiny needles to encourage skin regeneration. The collagen production is completely natural; there is no need for chemicals or injections.

In general, Rejuvapen treatments leave you with smoother, healthier, tighter and more youthful skin. It is also ideal for treating scarring and pigmentation issues.

From the results of clinical studies, Rejuvapen has been shown to be just as effective as treatments such as IPL and laser treatments in stimulating collagen and elastin production.


How It Works

Rejuvapen uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin. The sleek design allows the therapist to control the speed and depth. Thousands of micro-perforations are created on the skin. As a result, the skin shifts its natural repair mechanism into high gear and starts producing collagen and elastin to repair these micro-perforations. This self-repairing property of the skin is a 100% natural form of skin renewal from the inside out. Rejuvapen’s advantage over other treatments is that it not only activates cell regeneration, it also enhances the absorption of topicals into the skin.

Before treatment, we use a local anaesthetic to eliminate any slight pain you may experience.

After treatment,  there can be some minor redness for up to two days after the treatment. This is completely normal and healthy.


           Rejuvapen treats:

  • Acne scarring
  • Firming and tightening most body areas
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Surgical and burn scars

1st Treatment with kit £199
2nd/3rd Treatment without kit £175
Course of 3 including kit £494
Extra Decollate £79

Skin Tag Removal

Remove those irritating skin tags safely and painlessly.


Thread Vein Removal

Thread Veins (also known as spider veins or broken capillaries) can appear on the face due to environmental, age and genetics, thread veins can be successfully removed using short wave diathermy (also known as thermo coagulation) and is an extremely effective way or reducing or even completely eradicating the appearance of thread veins. This method  can sometimes be completed within just one treatment, or may require more, depending on the individual cleints needs. The end result following thread vein treatment should be clearer, fresher complexion and a more even skin tone. A treatment consists of a half hour session 


Millia Removal

Extraction of Millia (white spots caused by a build up of sebum and dry skin) normally found on dehydrated skin.